I want you to succeed in your career !

- Calvin Dorman

I want to encourage all parents to enrol their young adult children (aged 18-25) at Calvin Academy to do a year course; a focused course; a specialist computer design course to enable them to to kick-start their careers instead of just looking for an average  job that will earn them an average salary but for which they show no real  interest.

We have been proudly associated with the Tygerberg Art Centre since we started the academy in 2016

Why Us

Because i care about the career of the young people in my community.


After graduation, your child will then be able to enter the job-market with a good career future ahead as a Digital Graphic Designer -unlike most young people who has no choice nor opportunities  but to work at a mall store, supermarket or become a waiter to help support themselves.

Classes are small with approximately 8-15  students per year, giving better personal attention on a one-to-one basis with Calvin who also personally offers his mentorship advice as an experienced business coach and lecturer.

This course is focused largely on equiping students with specialist software skills so that they able to get practical experience through internships.

Course fees are HALF the price required by other colleges offering a similar course.
At only R1 800 per month, Calvin Academy offers the lowest price for quality training and employment opportunities after graduation.


It is the mission of Calvin Academy to implement the two basic solutions of (1) financial affordability and (2)quality computer design training with internships to empower  young people (18-25 years) in my community to start a tech-career as a digital graphic designer.

Calvin-Academy was  founded in 2016 by Calvin Dorman.

After more than 20 years of small business experience , Calvin has aquired the knowledge and ability to teach young people how to apply the principles and content learned to find their own niche and “recipe” for long-term sustainable success.


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