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Vision Morning

For most college students, it seems obvious that surely their Vision would be to achieve their Diploma, but I don’t agree fully and here’s why….

….consider this. Attaining your Diploma should not be your ultimate goal but rather one of the many strategies you use in your CAREER PLAN to achieve the real goal of getting a meaningful job related to your career choice for which you studied at Calvin Academy.

Yes, the real goal is getting a job soon after you graduate to kick-start your career and not just to get your Diploma.

If your energy is focused on a job-oriented goal then you will apply all the strategies that make up a good plan to achieve it.

An average plan is not good enough to achieve great results.

If planning for a Diploma is all you planned for then that is all you will get. That in its own is an average achievement and not enough.

But leveraging off your Diploma, your CV, your letter of recommendation from your internship company as well as getting the help of your lecturer and college coach/owner to open doors and opportunities to connections in the career you have studied for will widen the scope of your plan and make it a better one.

Together with your career coach you can make sure you formulate the right plan. Once you work that right plan with all its different strategies and time-lines to monitor and achieve, then you will get the right result…namely, your dream job.

Your career goal should occupy your mind and your energies and not the distractions of Covid, politics and the current recession we are going through.

On Vision Morning, I highlight the importance of having a clear Vision for your career as a digital graphic designer and the daily goals to work towards in achieving your Diploma which is vital for your dream career to come true
- Calvin

Having a Vision - what does it really mean?

Your Vision
Having a Vision for your business-
what does it really mean?

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