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Graduation Day


Diploma in Digital Graphic Design 

Reaching your potential is the realization of a success based in the future. Only you can decide what you think your highest potential is that you can still reach and achieve. 

If someone says to you, “I believe you have such potential to succeed”, It really means nothing until you believe in your own potential yourself.

It is my prayer that all parents share my belief of Calvin Academy’s vision and that they will also…..

1. Believe that their child can achieve more in life.

2. Believe that their child can follow a career path and not just a job to help support the house-hold financially.

3. Believe that the financial sacrifice they are going through will one day pay off when their child gets a good salary due to their studies.

4. Believe that Calvin-Academy has this same aspirations as they have for their child’s career.

Students graduate with their Calvin Academy Dilpoma after one year full-time study
Become a Digital Graphic Designer today!
Graduation Ceremony Venue:
Tygerberg Art Centre, Du Toit St, Parow, Western Cape

Diploma in Digital Graphic Design 

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Class of 2018

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Class of 2023

Your Diploma is vital but it just the starting point

Your Diploma
Does obtaining a Diploma mean it is a guarantee of getting your dream job?

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