Distance Learning

Distance Learning Graphic Design Course Modules

Graphic Design Course = R2 395 per Module

With Recommended Distance Learning Training Schedule Included on request

Module 1: Adobe Photoshop CC

Course Content

The PhotoShop-cc INTERFACE
Understanding ADJUSTMENT filters
Understanding image OPTIMIZATION
Understanding RESOLUTION
Sizing and cropping IMAGES

Layers Panel

Image size (resolution)

Opacity Filter (watermark)

FX – stroke (outline)

Flip (mirror)

Layer Mask
Extending the canvas
(A5 Landscape to A4 portrait)
Pen and Brush tools
Smart Sharpen
Pen Tool Selection and
Path Panel

Understanding COLOUR BALANCE

Selection Tools

Rectangular selection

Epiliptical selection

Magic Wand

Quick Selection & Lasso Tools

Adjustment Filters




Blur tool and Blur Filter

Module 2: Adobe Illustrator CC

Course Content

Modify doc and setup. Change artboard size shape. Hidden artboard setup & tips. Zoom doc and artboards. Align artwork to artboards. Creating shapes, The pen tool, Creating and amending paths, Splitting paths, manipulating anchor points, Pencil, Erase, Smooth and Brush, Using the LiveTrace tool to convert Bitmaps to vectors, Adding and deleting anchor points.
Creating and understanding Layers, Selecting and arranging Layers, Duplicating Layer content, Applying Layer Options, Releasing and flattening Layers,

Creating and understanding Layers,  Selecting and arranging Layers,  Duplicating Layer content, Applying Layer Options,  Releasing and flattening Layers

Colours and fills,  Fills and strokes on objects and paths,  Gradients, patterns,  Applying gradient transparency, Send to back/Bring to front,  Group/Ungroup and group selections,  Working in Group Isolation Mode,

Cut/copy/paste & paste infront/ behind,  Working with Rulers, Guides and Smart Guides,  Getting the best from Layers, Using multiple artboards,  Editing the artboard size,

Cut/copy/paste & paste in front / behind,  Working with Rulers, Guides and Smart Guides,  Getting the best from Layers, Using multiple artboards,  Editing the artboard size,

Positioning elements, Aligning and distributing artwork, using layers effectively. Transformations including blending shapes and the Gradient Mesh tool,  Pathfinder panel and compound paths,  Using the Shape Builder tool, Effects, graphics styles and masks

Rotate, Revolve, Bevel and Extrude. Trace Artwork Automatically, Adjust the Results of Tracing, and Create a Custom Present,

Convert a Traced Object to Paths. Apply Effects, Create Masks, Simplify Path, Create Blend, Share Graphic Styles, and Create 3D Effects.

Module 3: WordPress Web Design

Course Content

Installing a free WordPress template and then customising it with the Element or Site Builder Plugin.

Customising your site design by learning the tools/functions of the Element or Site Builder

Editing your Header by adding your company logo and adding a drop-down product list to your menu

Adding a Footer and then also linking your footer social media icons to your Facebook page as well as any other social media sites you may have.

Adding a Global style across your site pages which includes your Font style, Headings, Buttons, Colour palette and Links.

Adding more new pages to your site and understanding how permalinks work

Sourcing professional-looking stock photo images from free stock image websites and making sure the pixel-size is correct for opening pages much faster.

Creating a home page Slider, a Caracul and a pop-up Gallery to display a series of images.

Installing essential free Plugins –

  1. Vivid Backup plugin for making a) Backups and b) transferring your site.
  2. Ninja Forms plugin for making customised fill-in Forms linked to your email address.
  3. Yeast SEO plugin for ensuring that your site appears on the first page of Google when searched.

Adding more creative sections by downloading section builder templates and inserting them into your page and then editing the style.

Making elements like buttons or images more responsive by adding appropriate motion effects.

How to optimise your design to look great across different displays like mobile, tablet or desktop.

Adding basic search engine optimisation (SEO) to your site by learning all the functions/options of the Yeast SEO Plugin

Creating and customising your Enquiry Form found on the Contact Us Page

Adding a Google Map to your Contact Us Page to display the location of your company office.


Introduction before training starts:

All designers attend a Zoom meeting with me.

Intro of myself and informed on goals, expectations, preparations to be made, time-table for each and a questions/suggestions session.

 My own unique step-by-step training videos provided to each student via WeTransfer (preferred method than Google Drive).

Each student would also be able to download a Resource folder with images to use and design projects to complete.

Each designer will be given different design samples/pictures (although similar) BUT they will be required to use the same functions/tools.

Designers would then Screen Capture (short-cut key is Windows tab + contra G) their work and WeTransfer it back to me.

After each video lesson and project completed, I will evaluate it and give direct feedback via WhatsApp voice and text messages.

(Zoom is also an option).

I will be reporting back on individual progress as the three modules takes +- 6 weeks to complete.

All students will be evaluated by myself on completion so that I can validate their competence and Graphic Design skills.

By Calvin Dorman - CalvinAcademy

The Calvin Academy Certificate is presented after the course

Calvin Academy is a Division of Calvin Business which operates as a sole propriety company at the Tygerberg Art Centre which presents Art and Design to high school learners. CalvinBusiness is associated and a member of The Tygerberg Art Centre which is registered with the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) as a private higher education institution
under the Higher Education Act, 1997.  Certificate number 010319602 


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