Entrpreneurship & Specialist Computer Software skills!


Students set a clear vision of their career future and goals ahead


Providing Internships to give real working experience


Graduation will allow you to start your dream career

I want you to succeed in your career !

At Calvin-Academy we focus on computer software skills and entrepreneurship development. Then once students graduate, Calvin-Academy immediately becomes their doorway to becoming employed at companies where their newly learned digital graphic design skills are in demand.

So after graduation, some of my students want to study further. Others want to become entrepreneurs while most students want immediate employment.

I personally assist them in this regard by checking that their CV’s are updated and in the correct format with their internship reference letters and Diploma attached.


I also reach out to company owners I am associated with to match my students to the correct company and monitor their progress once employed, usually every 6 months to see that they are still on track with their career.


I personally give guidance to my students regarding their career decisions with input and feedback from their parents.


Therefore, after completing their Calvin-Academy Diploma, I assist students with paid internships in the Engineering, Architectural or Graphic Design industries.

This usually leads to short-term contracts which lead to well-paying, full-time employment.


I keep in contact with my students after graduation to monitor their career growth and to help them stay focused and motivated on the path they have chosen.


If you are a young person struggling to get meaningful employment and you are interested in Computer Graphics, Architecture, Engineering or any related field, then you should seriously consider becoming part of the process that I offer that will help you achieve your goals.


It is extremely difficult to struggle on your own and you need all the support and professional guidance you will get at Calvin-Academy which is at a reasonable price most parents can afford. (half the price of any registered college in Cape Town).


Below I have listed Calvin Academy past students who have gained employment soon after graduation as a direct result of the skills learned and applied at their internships.


I have also helped most of them update their CVs with the correct format and reference letters from myself and the companies where they have completed their internships.