This course is for young and old who are determined to become a successful entrepreneur and have enough drive and passion within themselves to start the process today. They are hungry to learn all the skills and willing to connect with the right business leaders of integrity to make their strategies work no matter the hard work and determination it takes.

We must not fool ourselves and think a job at a bank or any large company is ideal for our children. There is no job security in the marketplace anymore. Companies retrench, downsize and are bought out from time to time.

Anthing can happen in the market-place. There is no such thing as permanent job security anymore unless you work as a government employee and we all know that they pay well below the private sector.

If your child shows interest in entrepreneurship and is always out there trying to make an extra buck or selling and making "deals" with people, friends and family around him/her, then I want you to encourage them to develop this entrepreneural streak into a life-long skill.

By signing them up at the Academy, you will be paying only R2 995 and after the 3 months and writing our exam, the Academy will be able to assess your aptitude to become an entrepreneur. This small amount could become the best investment you could ever make in your child as they could go on to grow into successful entrepreneurs and could end up supporting their parents one day.

As a young grade 12 scholar, you may have no real idea what career path you would want to take. You know you might want to continue your studies but do not really know in what direction. You might even decide to take a gap year and find your passion in life or might want to experience traveling first.

If you are like the above description, I want to encourage you to enrol at the Academy for the first 3 months (only R2995) and use this opportunity to find out what you are REALLY passionate about.

At the Academy you will learn how to turn your passion into profits no matter what it is...even if it is Sport or the Arts, we will equip you with the skills to see every dream as a possibility to be achieved as long as you can treat it like a business with all the principles and hard work that applies.

You might have an entrepreneural flare within you that you never knew you had. With the proper learning content, expert advise and mentorship you could develop your skills to not only become a business owner but a dominant leader in your chosen niche for which you have a passion.