We focus on Specialist Computer Software
& Entrepreneurship skills!



Once parents and their children (our young adults) become aware of the high unemployment rate, currently at a
shocking 27,1 %, and the high cost of college and university fees, then they would understand why Calvin-Academy is the solution to set them on a career path for a successful future.

Above chart source: tradingeconomics.com

If you are a young adult who has matriculated or you are thinking of taking a gap year or you have become extremely disappointed with other college lecturers & outdated course modules like I have, then you should seriously consider becoming a Calvin-Academy student this year. It is never too late to enrol.

It will change your outlook on what your career should be and what direction you should take for a successful career and better financial future.

We focus on Specialist Computer Software & Entrepreneurship skills!
At Calvin-Academy we specialize in teaching young adults how to master specialist computer software programmes as well as entrepreneurship course modules like business strategies, sales and finance. We believe in staying focused for success.

These focused skills are vital to be employable and earn a higher income as it can also be leveraged to start a successful business as an entrepreneur in the future.

Within the first 6 months my students will be highly skilled in either graphic design programmes like all the Adobe and Corel products OR architectural and engineering programmes like AutoCAD and 3D SolidWorks.

Then the next 4 months will include a unique Internship Programme at top companies in order to further improve on the skills they have learned in class. They are then able to apply what they have learned PRACTICALLY.

Here students gain valuable working experience to further improve their skill-level as well as learning
the requirements of either the graphic design, architectural or engineering industry.

These are industries or career paths where specialist computers skills are essential and commands a higher income as a result.

Classes are presented by experienced Industry experts in their field. My lecturers are dedicated to my unique training methods and have been teaching with me for a number of years. You are therefore guaranteed of quality training by committed, experienced lecturers.

Calvin-Academy conducts business as a sole propriety company owned and operated by Calvin Dorman at the Tygerberg Art Centre which presents Art and Design to high school learners.


The Tygerberg Art Centre
is registered with the Western Cape Education (WCED) Department as a private higher education institution under the Higher Education Act, 1997.  Certificate number 010319602

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