NEWS UPDATE 06 - 15/08/2018

We are privilidged to have Grant Netherlands as part of Calvin Academy's graphic design lecturing team.  
He brings on board with him a wealth of knowledge and experience which he offers to our students in his Adobe Illustrator lectures this semester.  
He is also a renowned artist having regular exhibitions of his oil paintings and drawings all over the country and abroad. View Grant's Art from his website link here: 

As a young kid I grew up in Parow. In my early 20's it was easy for me to get employment in the apartheid era but unfortunately the young people from Parow have great difficulty finding meaningful employment today.

Difficulties which I did not experience when I was young. Difficulties like unaffordable college fees and poor level of teaching/content quality.

These difficulties are made almost impossible to overcome as Parow itself deteriorates and drugs are readily available on the streets and scores of parents are divorced creating a lack of discipline and a lack of direction among our youth who wants "fun" and there is no focus on a career path and a bright future. It seems that any job will do to to help pay the rent for a struggling single mother.

These are the new generation realities that I face in my community as its very social/moral fabric deteriorates at a more openly visible rate.

Today, aged 55, I still live in Parow but I have not accepted the situation- instead I have decided to overcome these difficulties in my community by starting my own college in 2016 where it can be the answer to the many difficulties our young people face as they struggle to get a meaningful job.

Calvin-Academy is the only college I know of that is structured in such a way that I can guarantee a 100% success rate in terms of getting my students on a career path where their computer software skills sets them ahead of any other student so that I am able to get them a meaningful job personally through my contacts with small/medium businesses in my community (Parow, Bellville, Goodwood).

But it is extremely difficult to do so and it would be a long post should I begin to describe the many difficulties I face. Yet with help I can win and I have already received the on-going backing of principled owners of companies like SofaScene, Soundbox Designs, Clautin Gifting, Mauderer Engineering, Supreme Cylinders, CT Air-Conditioning, Ietz van Allez Gifting and Kelly Steelworks.

These companies has made my struggle possible to overcome by getting our young sons and daughters good working experience through my internship programme but I am still getting doors closed on me from most school principles and still too many business owners who have their own selfish interests and that of their school bodies and business partners at heart. Even parents who want their child to study and get employment but still refuse to discipline their child by shrugging their shoulders when their child tests the few reasonable boundaries/rules we have put in place at the school to guarantee our success at internships.

However, despite the difficulties I am determined not to give up but to keep the faces of my many young students in mind who have gone on to excel at their new jobs as CAD operators and young graphic designers earning a good salary at a young age where they can save up to buy their own car and be able to take advantage of better opportunities anywhere in the Western Cape.

These children (young adults in their early 20's) who have graduated in the last 2 years at my college and achieved employment success in their newly found career path are my inspiration.