NEWS UPDATE 05 - 05/08/2018


As you all know by now, at Calvin-Academy our goal is to get all our hard working, reliable and highly computer skilled students who have graduated at the Academy a PAID INTERNSHIP of at least R4500 per month and then an increase after 3 months as they get a full-timecontract. This is no easy task due to the high unemployment rate of 27,7% according to SA statistics. However, I am blessed to have been able to help Jesse who graduated last year to get back on track with his career and he is now employed at CT Air-conditioners. Thank you to the owner for recognizing Jesse’s enthusiasm and CAD abilities.
This is an encouragement to all my current students to stay positive and motivated as it will pay –off at the end of the year when they graduate. Calvin-Academy is there to make every young person’s career dream a reality!

calvin Academy Employment