NEWS UPDATE 04- 16/01/2016

calvin academy blog pictureSECURE YOUR FUTURE! Being a highly paid employee CANNOT be compared with the money that keeps rolling in every month as a business owner.

AND I don’t know of any employee that turned into a successful entrepreneur overnight after they left their job for whatever reason.

FAST-TRACK! So if your future is secured by becoming a business owner and it takes many years to reach success, then your question should be: how can I fast-track the process? Do I simply buy a franchise or become a home-based product marketer because it costs less to start?

You could, but you are NOT likely to succeed in a short period of time if you have no previous business experience.

3 STEPS TO TAKE! The best way to speed up the process, I believe, is to (1) learn from business mentors (get one today), (2) take a proper course (contents aimed for entrepreneurs) and so acquire the correct tools, and (3) gain your OWN experience by starting SMALL first. Money cannot buy experience. Start a part-time business after hours and over weekends. Simple step but difficult to implement without passion and drive. Yet, this will fast-track your success!

MINIMIZE MISTAKES! You have to learn from your OWN mistakes but success will come quicker if you minimize mistakes. This is possible by picking up the tools/knowledge learned from books and courses. Talking to a businessman who has already gained the experience and knows all the pitfalls, can prevent you falling in certain business or financial traps yourself.

I hope you have the desire to secure your own future one day by realizing the importance of becoming a business owner as early as possible (early 20’s). BUT remember, it is NEVER too late.

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