NEWS UPDATE 03- 13/01/2016

calvin academy blog pictureAs we looked at the matric results this year and were informed by the media that the pass rate has gone down overall nationally, compared to last year, I keep wondering what are communities (parents) going to do about it. Especially Cape Town as this place I consider as “my community”.

We cannot look to government to solve our problems and we have to make wise choices today.

I have countless debates about young people having to find jobs which simply is not there and the problem of studying when many private colleges are simply overpriced. Our people are suffering financially and the politicians “blame-game” is in full swing.

Let’s wake up to the REAL SOLUTION: Study courses that will equip you as a young person to become self-employed within 5 years and as parents, let’s assist our children in this direction.

Not everybody can become doctors, lawyers and engineers, BUT everyone can aquire the skills to become self-employed...even if this starts off as a part-time business. How many great success stories started off working from home (in a garage).

What is needed FIRST is this mind-shift , namely, my child can and will become a successful entrepreneur! And I will help him/her aquire the right skills/tools necessary to make this happen.

The joys of passing matric soon evaporates when the struggle to find employment starts. 
At CalvinAcademy I am determined to help our young people change their mindset and set their vision towards becoming business owners where they will one day provide jobs and contribute to their community.

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