Inspired young entrepreneurs
and community leaders




From the 2nd Semester, my Academy students are actively involved in my INTERNSHIP programme. This gives them the practical experience which is vital to apply the skills learned in class.

Students get hands-on experience at small / mediums companies in the community. Calvin-Academy has built up a relationship with many companies in the area and we send our students to these companies to apply their skills practically.


A staff member from the associated companies is identified to assist and make sure that within 2 weeks the students can do the required work with confidence using the software learned in class .

The students learn to be productive and responsible in a short period and spend 3 days a week at their designated company for 2 months and then rotate to a different company for the final 2 months.

“My goal is to stretch all my students' computer abilities and increase their inter-personal skills by rotating them to different companies after 2 months” says Calvin.

"A big thank you to Modern Printers, Tygerburger community newspapers, Kelly Steelworks, Creative Housewares, Clautin Gifting, Soundbox Designs, JB Mauderer Precision Engineering, Jotim-steel, Robinson Architects, CTC Sportswear, A1 Printingworks, 3@1 Plattekloof, Dual-energy, Uriah Designs and Javan Fabrications  for your support of my Internship programme and providing my students with vital practical experience".


Calvin-Academy is there to equip young people first through computer software skills development, then internships, then employment (through paid-internships / full-time employment) and ultimately self-employment.......every parent and business owner's support towards these goals is vital as it secures the success of our young peoples’ future careers.

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