Inspired young entrepreneurs
and community leaders




From the 2nd Semester, my Academy students will be actively involved in my INTERNSHIP
programme which is geared to give them the practical experience which is vital before
they can venture on their own and turn their passion into profits with their new
specialized computer software skills.


Students will we assisting at both small and large companies to put their skills to practical use and
“swim with the big fish”. I am confident they will cope and not “drown” in the new environment
and pressure

Students get hands-on experience and will then be ready to enter the job market the following year
fully equiped with the ability and experience to meet the challenges and earn a competitive salary.

A big thank you to Afrit Tanker Solutions, Tygerburger community newspapers, Jotimsteel,
Robinson Architects, A1 Printingworks, Dual-energy and CityPrint for your support of my
Internship programme and providing my students with vital practical experience.

My goal is to stretch all my students' computer abilities by rotating and moving forward to
bigger Internship companies before the year ends so that I will be able to get them a job
next year at a big company where the salary would be higher.

CalvinAcademy is there to equip young people first through computer skills development, then internships,
then employment and ultimately self-employment through my mentorship programme.......every parent and
business owner's support towards these goals is vital as it secures the success of their future career.

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