Calvin Academy is different from other colleges and offers students many benefits but here are the 3 most important benefits:

1. Classes are small with no more than 30 students per year
giving better personal attention on a one-to-one basis with Calvin who also personally offers a Free Mentorship Programme

2. This course is focused largely on equiping students with specialist software skills so that they able to get a PAID-INTERNSHIP within 1 year only. (start earning a good salary)

3. Course fees are HALF the price required by other colleges offering similar courses. At only R1 799 per month, my college offers the lowest price for quality training and employment opportunities after graduation.
Course modules are lectured by a selection of full time entrepreneurs who have dedicated a portion of their week to give class according to the Academy's structure while at the same time sharing their own experiences and veiws

After more than 20 years of small business experience , Calvin has aquired the knowledge and ability to teach young people how to apply the principles and content learned to find their own niche and "recipe" for long-term sustainable success.
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Hi Calvin here, I think we can agree that most parents today know that a matric certificate will not get their child a job and that college attendance have become compulsary to secure a good job in the future.

After spending around R2000 a month per child on high school education, the financial burden is not going to stop after matriculation but instead it is going to increase as college fees become too much for parents to bear as the cost of living goes up -food and petrol inflation is at an all time high and is going to get worse as SA has now been down-graded to junk status and the rand has reached the norm of R13 to the dollar.

This financial hardship means that many matriculants wont be able to go to college as many parents will no longer be able to afford it, especially divorced, single parents.

This is a pretty grim picture but we have to face up to the truth and do something concrete about it. We cannot be forced to allow our children to take a gap year simply because we cannot afford the college fees.
We have to hunt down legitimate colleges who are willing to offer lower prices yet offer quality training.

Unfortunately the majority of "cheaper" colleges offer courses at around R35 000 a year and after achieving a Diploma 3 years later after spending around R100 000, their child still does not find employment in their chosen field of study and have to revert back to getting a low paying job even though they are "over-qualified" and their Diploma holds no real value.

In the USA the unemployment rate is only 4% and the average standard of living is not high, yet we South Africans have to face an unemployment rate of 27% which is fast climbing to 28%.

These are the facts and we cannot just shrug our shoulders in powerless disbelief but we have to stand together and do something about it. We simply can’t keep on feeding the "school and college money beast" while our children has no garanteed career future.

I believe the answer to this problem is simple yet not as unrealistic (pie in the sky) as the free education campaigns suggested by many.

The answer is two-fold: Parents should only pay HALF the current college fees as the current profits of colleges are extremely high (just look at the cars and the wealthly life-style of the owners and their directors) and secondly, students should have access to proper internships which is a partnership between enterprise and educational institutions.

A student must not struggle to get an internship when he/she is a registered student and definately they should NOT be looking for internship opportunities on their own which is predominantly the case at most colleges even though they may deny it. I have many students from other colleges asking me to get them internships because word-of-mouth gets around of the success of my internship programme which I have in partnership with small/medium companies in my community (northern suburbs).

It is my mission to implement these two basic solutions of financial affordability and quality training/internships to all parents and young people (19-25 years) in my community through my college, Calvin-Academy, I founded in 2016.