Calvin Academy offers you many benefits and is different from other colleges in 3 important ways:

1. Classes are small with no more than 30 students per year
giving better personal attention on a one-to-one basis with Calvin who also personally presents the Mentorship Programme

2. This course is focussed largely on Entrepreneurship and is ideal for people who want to start a business or who wants to take a gap year to be inspired to create a startup.

3. Course modules are lectured by a selection of full time entrepreneurs who have dedicated a portion of their week to give class according to the Academy's structure while at the same time sharing their own experiences and veiws
After more than 20 years of small business experience , Calvin has aquired the knowledge and ability to teach you how to apply the principles and content to find your own niche and "recipe" for long-term sustainable succees.
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Other value added benefits include:

- Printed hand-outs, PDF notes, videos and all other course material is included in the price.

- The 1 month Internship Programme in the 2nd semester gives students the opportunity to be exposed to various businesses in Cape Town

- A Certificate of Merit after completion of the course which is endorced by a well-known SA entrepreneur gives credibility
to the Calvin Academy qualification.

- Ongoing support is provided after the course by granting the top student (BUSINESS UNIT OWNER) access to funding and partnership opportunities with established business entrepreneurs.