Calvin's personal profile and track record (CV) can be read from his official Business website www.calvinbusiness.co.za

Here is Calvin's Story and why he is so passionate:
" I always wanted to be a successful businessman
since I started working in my early 20's. I thought I would become rich and successful by selling my paintigs.Then I made it my goal to own a training company by age 30.

However, on the day I turned 32 years, I discovered that time was passing me by and that I had become accustomed to the monthly pay-day that comes with being employed....my dreams of owning a business was slipping from me and my responsibilities as a young married man was holding me back from taking bigger risks.

It was on that day that I decided to simply take the plunge and started my own design/training business in 1994 and so CorelClass was started in a small shop in the SafMarine Building in Cape Town. I had no formal training nor any prior business experience and failed miserably within a short period of about 2 years.

By 1996 I had run out of money and found myself deep in debt. My wife & family was justified to be very disappointed with me. Yet I had aquired a lot of business skills along the way and I learned how to bounce back from adversity.




I believe that if you have the passion and are willing to persist then you can learn from the teachings of my Academy how to bounce-back from any setback, but most importantly , how to prevent these type of setbacks to occur in the first place..

After failing big twice (1996 and 2008) due to different reasons and circumstances, I have finally learned how to ride the wild horse of fear without falling off and go on to take risks with new ventures and business possibilities".

After more than 20 years of small business experience , Calvin has aquired the knowledge and ability to teach you how to apply the principles and content to find your own niche and "recipe" for long-term sustainable succees.
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